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Latest news of argus

Improved A.L.S

We've got some neat new content for Argus available now! Check it out:

A new Profile command!
We are now making full usage of image rendering magic to turn your big boring embeds into profile cards you can show off, and download! Featuring all your old status such as nickname, experience, level, karma, and badges of course! And speaking of them...
A new way to flex your badges!
Whenever you issue the .profile command, the ALS will automatically fit your top 10 badges into your profile card. In the next few updates we will be sending new content which will allow you to choose your own badges if you want.
A new color design!
As we removed that big boring embed, we also replaced the color! It is now in HEX instead of DECIMAL and will be outlining your profile card's avatar.
A new custom feature for V.I.Ps!
Soon of course. We will send new content in the near future which will allow you to upload your own custom image to your profile card and show everyone you rule!