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Why should I donate?

By donating to Braven Bit Games you are supporting development of many of our projects, including our bot Argus and every single FREE product of ours.

Currently we have 3 free apps released, 2 for Android and 1 for both Android and PC. You can check them out here. None of those apps contain ads or collect your personal information. The goal is to provide fun, high quality products that everyone from everywhere can enjoy, all without asking for a cent, wasting their time with annoying ads or selling their data.

We put a lot of care and effort into each of our products and we update them regularly, all that out of pure kindness. All of the money from the donations will be well spent into supporting our studio as well as continue existing products and developing new ones.

Donating is a kind act and you will be helping a lot of people, as well as earning our gratitude.