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Roller Roulette

Roller Roulette is a FREE app designed to let you have fun with all your friends and family! Using it’s simple and user friendly interface, you will be able to fully customize the roulette in just a few seconds, and make your own minigame! It’s super fun!
• 12 beautiful and unique colors you may choose from to customize the roulette!
• Customizable text, write your own labels and title!
• Simple UI that will allow you to fully customize the roulette in just a few seconds!
• Fast gameplay, just spin the roulette and see on which label does it land!

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Argus bot

Phone Chainsaw

Bottle Smash Ultimate

A multipurpose Discord bot to boost your server with amazing new features! Modding, role management, chatting, leveling system, accessibility and much more!

With Argus in your server you will no longer need a dozen bots to do even the most simplistic of things. Argus can handle everything. Need an easy and effective way of enforcing your server's rules? Argus. Role management? Argus. Wants a bot that can chat? Argus. Need a mod but no one is available? Argus. Wants the mobile users of your server to have an easier life? Argus. How about a leveling system? You guessed it, Argus.


Phone Chainsaw is a simple yet immersive app that transforms your phone into a fearful, (almost) real chainsaw! Just tap it to turn the engine on, then move your phone to activate it! With realistic graphics, special effects and sound effects, this app simulates a chainsaw inside your own phone! You can almost feel it roar!

• Amazing Special Effects

• Real chainsaw sound effects

• Makes use of the device's vibration system

Bottle Smash Ultimate is the last word in smashing all kinds of bottles using your smartphone! Just tap play and let the smashing begin! The more bottles you smash the faster the game gets, and the more themes you unlock!
• 7 Unique themes!
• 10 different types of bottles!
• Support for over 7 different languages!
• Funny, fast and fancy gameplay!