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You can now actively support our cause!
Starting today you will now be able to donate to Braven Bit Games, as well as purchasing the Premium and V.I.P account upgrades if you make use of Argus! So what are you waiting for?

Becoming a Supporter
By donating 2 dollars or more, you can become a permanent supporter of our cause. If you join our community on Discord you will get the Supporter role and badge, and our eternal gratitude of course.

Argus upgrades

Upgrading to Premium
For 5 dollars you can upgrade your account to Premium forever! No extra fees, no subscription! With a Premium account come many advantages such as the .setjoinrole and .togglerecover commands, more badges, and an ALS multiplier!

Upgrading to V.I.P
For 2 dollars a month you can upgrade your account to VIP! You can also pay 21 dollars for a one year subscription. You will then be able to use Argus' full potential! This comes with many advantages such as everything Premium offers, an even bigger ALS multiplier, Reaction Roles, Deluxe Auto-Moderation, a custom ALS profile signature, and more!

The goal
Our goal is to reach 100 dollars by the end of the year, which would mean Argus breaking even and Braven Bit Games' future being a bit safer. All of the money will be well spent on Argus and our free products. You can check it our store here.

Why is the minimum donation 2 dollars?
At first we were going to make it just a single dollar, but we ended up increasing it to two because of the many taxes we will have to pay, including conversion of the currency.

What if something goes wrong with my purchase?
You can contact us and we will attempt to solve your problem as fast as we can.

What if I don't have any of the accepted methods of payment?
In that case, unfortunately, you will not be able to donate. But you can still passively support our cause by following us on Social Media and voting for Argus! You can vote here.